Monday, December 15, 2008

Essbase Interview Questions


You may like to read my earlier post Hyperion Essbase Interview Questions.

Today I will be posting few more questions on Hyperion Essbase more from an Administrative perspective.
The questions and answers have been designed by me and are not copied from anywhere.

Que:1 What are LRO's( Linked Reporting Objects)?
Answer: They are specific objects like files, cell notes or URL's associated with specific data cells of Essbase database. You can link multiple objects to a single data cell. These linked objects are stored in the server. These LRO's can be exported or imported with the database for backup and migtarion activities.

Que:2 What are the specified roles other than Aministrator to view sessions, disconnect sessions or kill users requests for a particular application?
Answer: You should have the role of Application manager for the specified application.

Que:3 What are the three options specified in Username and Password management under security tab in Essbase server proprties.
Answer: 1. Login attempts allowed before username is disabled.
2. Number of inactive days before username is diabled.
3. Number of days before user must change password.

Que:4 Why do objects gets locked and when does this happens?
Answer: Objects gets locked to prevent users to make simultaneous and conflicting changes to Essbase database objects. By default whenever an object is accessed through Aministrative services console or Excel spreadsheet add-in, it gets locked.

Que: 5 I have created an application with one database in Essbase at test environment and now needs to copy the entire application with all security permissions to the production server which is not connected to the test server. How can I do that?
Answer: You can acheive this using migration wizard to migrate an application to a text file which you can take physically to the production server.
To know how you can do that, take a look at this post Essbase Application Migration.

Que:6 From the above question, When I migrated the application to the production server I do not see any data in the Essbase database. What has gone wrong and how to correct this?
Answer: Nothing has gone wrong. Migration utility does not migrate the actual data. If you want to copy the exact data from the test machine, get it exported using export utility and import it on production machine.

Que:7 Referring to the above question, Can I still do this if my production server and test server are two different operation systems. Explain.
Answer: While exporting the database, you can write the database data to an ASCII text file which enables you to load data on different platforms.

Que:8 How can we backup an aggregate storage database?
Answer: To back up an aggregate storage database, copy the application directory ARBORPATH/app/appname.

Que:9 How does Essbase recover from a database crash?
Answer: After a database crash or server interruption, Essbase automatically recovers a database after rolling back the transactions that were active at that time.

Que:10 How can you make a Max L script run at a specified time?
Answer: MaxL scripts can be called from a BAT file which is used for scheduling.

More questions will be coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Today lot of people are facing problem in accessing DDA Flats results.

How BI can be useful to resolve this problem.

Manohar Singh Rana said...

What are DDA flats, Please explain.

Ramesh said...

hello Rana,

i recently installed hyperion 9 system in the following order
(i)shared services (ii) Essbase server (iii) Essbase client (iv) Administrative services and (v) Integration services with win server 2003 and oracle 10g as db.

I created 2 schemas - 'hypuser' for shared services installation only and - 'hypadmin' for the rest of the installations

all went fine, but i am not able to see or access any sample applications. during installation i have selected the option to install sample application both from essbase server as well as integration services.

my question is, is it because i created 2 schema's ? or sometime this else that i am not able to acess sample application.

my other question is it faster to load data into to cube directly from oracle source system through a rule file or is it faster to load flat files (which were convert from rdbms files) to a cube.

mahesh said...

How does Essbase recover from a database crash? And i don't get how it roll back automatically the transactions and where it will do those things? Can explain it in detail?
Answer: After a database crash or server interruption, Essbase automatically recovers a database after rolling back the transactions that were active at that time.

Anonymous said...

hi manohar,
hw r u?
Can Aplication manager creates the users and groups,filters?

In shared sevices are the users created in native security or external authenticated dirctory like LDAP

tanks in advace

Manohar Singh Rana said...

I dont think creating two schemas should create such problem. Check if both the schemas has been granted cnnect and resource rights. Also explain what application is not opening. I mean, you talking about Essbase Cubes. Are you not able to see the data or you cmpletely do not see the application and database names etc.
About your second question, I guess loading data from a flat file directly should be faster.

About Application manager I am not sure but Shared services stores the user info in its open LDAP database which can be synchronised with any other external LDAP directory or can be used by other applications. Components like Essbase do have native security which can be externalised to shared services.

Sweta said...

Hi Manohar, What is the maximum number of dimensions allowed in Essbase?

Manohar Singh Rana said...

I guess the answer is 20.
let me know if this is not correct.

M said...

Hai Rana,

I am new to hyperion. Need your help/suggestions to get familiar with hyperion.

your friend

M said...

Hi Rana,

I am new to hyperion. Need your help/suggesion in becoming familiar with hyperion.

Thanks in advance.

ram said...

what is block?
what is cube?
how the size of block & cube is calculated

neha said...

Please share some more questions on shared services,scripts and calc orderj