Monday, November 10, 2008

Implementing Business Intelligence

Checklist for Implementing Business Intelligence-

If you are planning to implement a Business Intelligence solution there are a number of things to check before you decide on a solution.

1. Cost of the project: The cost of a project comprises of

(a) The cost of the product licenses.
(b) New hardware to be purchased for product installations.
(c) Any third party software to be purchased.
(d) Implementation cost including user’s trainings.
(e) Support and Maintenance cost.

It is very important to evaluate these costs before choosing a product. Certain tools may be cheap to buy but implementation and maintenance cost comes out very expensive.

2. Product’s Credibility: The product should be evaluated by considering the following-

(a) High Stability- The product should be matured enough being in the market for atleast 5 years. This is important as chances of bugs in the product are minimal, the product becomes stable. Couple of years back there were not many products in the market and the options were very less but now this is not the case.

(b) Completeness- The product should have a completeness considering all aspects of features. Some products may be very good in some aspects or features and in most of the sales demonstrations/POC’s they display those capabilities only and always try to avoid any discussion on weak points. Please ask questions as many as you can and also verify whether these capabilities/features are available out of the box functionality using wizards and drag and drop features or they just have workarounds using some code. The product should be a balanced mix of all the capabilities.

(c) Level of execution- Check whether the product can be executed for large number of users even if you have small numbers of users and how the product scales, handles high avalability, clustering environment etc.

(d) References- The product as well as the implementation partner should have good number of references where the product has been implemented sucessfully. Also check for the implementation partner's credibility, financial status and implementation capability.
---- more will follow


Anonymous said...

I need total SDLC of a hyperion essbase project.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi Manohar, Please let me know where can i dowload a trial version of Hyperion DIM?

Manohar Singh Rana said...


Will definately try to post SDLC.

You can download trial DIM from

sweta said...

Hi Manohar,
recently i have installed Hyperion Performance Scorecard. After opening the URL for HPS,it asked to execute an .exe. when i tried to execute, i got an error saying "you dont have sufficient permission to execute this". Now I can only see the security part in the object view, no map list,employee list, framework list etc.. only security is shown. please help.

Manohar Singh Rana said...

Hi Sweta,
1. check you are logged on as an administrator of the machine or user belongs to a admin group.
2. is the problem is with your machine or your access only. Try doing it with an admin user.

I did not understood the last part.

Sweta said...

Hi Manohar, In the object view of performance scorecard, I am only able to see the security structure. but what i found from the pdf is there should be map list,employee list,target list etc. also in the object view.

Rajesh said...

Hi Manohar,

This is Rajesh. Do you or someone you know deliver OBIEE training/consultancy? We are in bangalore. You could send a mail to rajesh dot kuppili at tavant dot com or lakshmi dot v at tavant dot com.



Sweta said...

Hi Manohar,
I could able to see all the three views in HPS. But the designer.pdf is confusing as I am not able to understand which one to create first. Could you please guide regardig how to start working on HPS.

QTP Home said...

Hi Manohar,

I want to learn hyperion essbase .can you please tell me were can i learn.
Is there any training available in bangalore.

If not could you please provide training for me.

My mail id is


Fikes said...

Hi Manohar,

I have been in 'n out of your site for sometime now. The information is very usefull. I just have a quick question. I am trying to register the Essbase Administration Services. From Product Selection window I chose Configure Database, Register With Shared Services and Deploy to Application Server and then clicked Next. Now I am sitting in the window where it's asking me the location of the Shared Services. In this particular window what is the default password for the user "admin"? I tried different passwords but it didn't work. Can you please help me with that? This deployment is on my personal laptop though.