Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enhance Business Intelligence Performance

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In any Business Intelligence Implementation, the key factor is the performance. Performance factor always plays a key role in User accepting or liking the application.
We should do everything possible to enhance the performance and here are some tips some of which are very generic and can be used in any BI Implementation.
From a solution perspective:
1. Use of Datawarehouse: Though a datawarehouse is not compulsory for any BI Implementation, we cannot simply think about a BI solution without a datawarehouse because of the advantages it offers in terms of performance and simplicity. This is important for small implementations who sometimes neglect and underestimate the use of datawarehouse.
From a BI Tool Perspective:
1. For every tool it is important to reduce the size of the application by removing the unnecessary objects.
2. Try to create different database connections for different set of users based on the priority.
3. Try to create a seperate database connection for populating any session level variables.
4. Try to make the best use of system Cache. If the tool allows to cache the results of the queries, use it and if possible pre populate the queries which are very frequent and used mostly.
5. Minimise the calculations happening at the BI level by pre calculating them in datawarehouse.
From a database perspective:
1. The most important thing is to perform every possible calculation you can do in database. We very frequently neglect this saying this is a small thing and cal be calculated or performed at BI level. We should avoid this and if something is possible in ETL or database, do it here even it cost you adding a few extra columns or tables.
2. If you can create a perfect star models, nothing like that.
3. Try to use the database techniques like Partitioning and indexing to enhance the performance of database queries.

There may be several other tips and techniques which we can follow to improve performance and if you have any, please feel free to share.
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Manohar Rana

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