Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hyperion Essbase Migration


Check out my recent post where I have shown how we can Migrate Essbase Applications from one server to another using file system.

For past few days, I was getting too many queries for upgradation and migration from lower versions to system 9.
1. Brio version 5 to Interactive reporting system 9- This is the most difficult and time consuming migration. Brio customers having versions lower than 6.5 needs to first migrate to atleast 6.5 and then they can migrate to system 9. The BQY documents containing features not supported may not migrate correctly or fully.
2. Hyperion Essbase customers will not have that many problems. Using migration utility they can migrate an Essbase application from lower version to higher version on different server or on different platform.
Customers who are using version less than will have to first come to this version and then they can upgrade to 9.3.1 or 11.1.

if you have any specific questions relating to migration, please post them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Rana,
Can I know the basics of Migrating/Updating Essbase 7x to 9.3.1.


Kalyan said...

Mr. Manohar,
Any insights on how to upgrade from system 9 to Essbase 11?

Manohar Singh Rana said...

Hi kalyan,

System 9 to 11 will be a straightforward migration using migraion utility which is a part of life cycle management in Hyperion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manohar,
U mentioned that IR migration from 6.x to 9.x is difficult, do you know the steps involved to migrate from IR 8.5 to IR 9.x?


mahesh said...

Hi Manohar;
How r u?
while doing migration if i do not it from migration wizard what will the effect on the process of migration?
does it work properly? or Do i get any problems?

I feel that this is the best one to upgrade an application.

can you tell me your opinion.


saroja said...

Hi Manohar,

We are planning for an upgrade from Hyperion 9.3.01 to 9.3.1. for all modules.Please share the details about migration Utility to achieve this.
Thanks a lot.


Manohar Singh Rana said...

If you are planning to migrate Reporting ans analysis components, take a look at

Mahesh- You can do it manually but the purpose of the migration utility is to avoid doing it manually to simplify the process and avoid any mistakes which we may not discover initially. If you are doing it manually, check all the applications are working fine.

Saroja- you did not mention what are you migrating. please check the above mentioned link if it helps. Also let me know why you are not considering to migrate to 11.

saroja said...

Hi Manohar,

Thanks for the quick reply.
We are Planning to Migrate whole Planning Module(Hyperion Planning, essbase,shared services,Reporting and Analysis). link provides details regarding migration of individual components manually. Just wanted to check out how to do the same using Migration utility.Please guide me how to do the same using Migration utility. Taking client considerations into view we have planned to migrate to 9.3.1 instead of 11 for now.


arjun said...

Manohar saab,

how are you ? I was just looking at the migration from 9.3 to 11.1 article .Where can i get the migration utility . When you run the setup for hyperion 11 there is an option which says upgrade from previous version .. We selected that and then the install went fine .. during configuration stage it asked us to choose the repository database . We choose the 9.3.1 repository database . but we got a error saying that the repository content was not found . We are stuck at that . Any help would be much appreciated

OD SC :)

John_Carlos said...


I am new to Hyperion. I have Hyperion Essbase Application Manager 6.1 and Hyperion Analyzer R I am planning to migrate a set of reports currently in production and the Essbase applications to Hyperion System 9. Is there a tool to accomplish this or should I do this manually?



Sulakshana said...

Hi Manohar,

If you can pass any information on migrating from Brio 6 to Hyperion IR. Want to know whats the advanages of migration, features enchancements to IR.
It would be very helpful to me.