Friday, June 13, 2008

Hyperion Essbase system 9 Blog


Feel free to post your queries and comments.

I have posted lot of tutorials and information on the blog which help others to understand Hyperion Essbase.

If you want to contribute in some way, please do not hesitate.


Manohar Rana


ajaikumar said...

Hi Rana,

I want to learn about Hyperion essbase. Could you please send me any pdf files or doc files which explains Hyperion Essbase from the scratch.

I dont know anything about Hyperion Essbase.

Please consider this and mail me @


Manohar Rana said...


The complete documentation is available Oracle's Website.
The documentation is very huge and descriptive.
I would say just read some basics and install yourself the components and start playing.
For installation, I have posted a blog showing the sequence in which they should be installed.
Keep watching my blog as I am going to publish few more tutorials.


Manohar Rana

Yarr said...

Hi Rana,
I am new to Hyperion and Essbase. I have been working in OBIEE for sometime. Few days back I have installed all available products in Oracle EMP 11.1.1 in my XP machine with Oracle10g. It looks like all the configuration went good (green marks in EPM System COnfiguraiton utility).

Now I am able to login Shared Services using "hypuser/password". But when I try to login Essbase Administration Services Console using the following
server: "MyMachineName",
User: "WindowsUser" and Pwd: "WindowsPwd"
I am getting an error "Could not Connect to Administration Server machinename".

Do I need to make any change in any parameter files or any other configuration.
Could you help me in solving this issue. Also, I am struggling to find the starting point to learn Hyperion related products could you please shed some light on it.


work_of_fiction? said...

your blog is very informative.i hope you can guide me with this doubt too.
what is the prerequisites to do the hyperion course?
does it require any oracle (DB) certifications or work experience? i am a java guy.will i fit the bill?

Manohar Singh Rana said...

Hi Work of Fiction,

I really want to know your name. This name sounds strange..
Anyway just kidding. Never mind.
Thanks for your post.
There are series of certifications for Hyperion.
check this link and make sure you are registered on the site.
In this link you will get all pre-requisites for different exams.
No database certifications are not required for this but you have them, it would definately benefit you. About work experience, its necessary to have before certifications. Your plan should be to gain some experience(if that is not possible atleast learn hyperion in details) and then go for certification and I dont suggest the other way round.
About switching from java, I would say nothing is impossible. But once you go for it, dont look back.

pushpa said...

Iam trying to get the job in Hyperion essbase.I need some faqs of Essbase and
i want to know shared services and smart view for office documentation.

Manohar Singh Rana said...

Hi Puspha,
I have posted some FAQ's on Hyperion Essbase and General BI project related questions.

Also about smartview this post may be helpful.

About shared services console, you manage security there. You need to install Shared services and see how it is done.

Hope this helps.

Manohar Rana

pushpa said...

hi rana,
thank u for ur reply


Nitin said...

Hi Rana,

Could you please provide some informaton on Hyperion Performance Scorecard?


Rontou said...

Hi I am Sagar from Banglore i would like to know how to access an excel file as data source in Hyperion Integration Service Console.
Thank You

kojo said...

hi, am kojo and i would like to know about hyperion essbase, i have no details about it.

you cab email me information about at

Deepak said...

Hi Sir,
My name is Deepak.
I am B.Com graduate, is ther any chance for me to learn and find a job on Hyperion Financial Managements. Please guide me sir.

And wanted to know how are the job opportunited on Hyperion financila mangements in Bangalore ?

Please advice and do the needful.

Thanks, Deepak.

Satya..S said...
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Ramesh said...

Hi Manohar,
Recently heared about Hyperion and
really excited with potential of this tool.
Can you please tell me about the future perspective of this and abroad oppartunities.


shalini said...


Would you be interested in handling Corporate training on Hyperion. Please write to me at

krishna said...

Hi Manohar

Great blog to learn Essbase.Being from a support and maintenace project i feel my knowledge on Essbase and planning is ok but not great.Could u please send us some training videos through glance of all the basics.Also if possible could u please send some sample questions or provide inputs on how to tackle the Hyperion essbase certification and Hyperion planning.Please also let us know ur mailid.

Manohar Singh Rana said...

Hi All,
Thanks for posting your comments but these days I do not get enough time to update my blog. But I will try not to leave any question unanswered.

Nitin- Performance Scorecard is not my area. Please excuse.

Sagar Rontou- I am not sure if it is there because I did not looked into EIS for past some months but I observed that Oracle tried to bring that feature in Oracle Essbase Studio (Version 11) which I feel is going to replace EIS soon but I did not find it very functional because when you import a text file in Essbase studio, you can apply only self joins meaning you cannot make a join with a text file data and a relatonal source table which is available in Qlikview. On that basis I can say it won't be there in EIS. Still please investigate and satisfy yourself.

Kojo- Please read the content available online and practise.

Deepak/Ramesh- Hyperion job market is good in USA and Eurpoe. India has very limited openings.

Shalini- Thanks for the offer but presently I cannot take that. In case it is needed in future, I will surely catch you up.

Krishna- I am not Hyperion certified and hence would'nt be of much help to you.


Manohar Rana

Roopesh said...

hi rana,
iam preparing for hyperion essbase 9.3.1 certification. please send me modle questions. in oracle website i got only 10 sample questions.

kalyan said...

Hi Rana,

I am new to Hyperion essbase and will you send me step by step process doc.


vishnu said...

Hi Rana , i am vardhan from pune working on Hyperion essbase.I am facing some in buiding cube.i need to talk to you.but i cant find your contact details.

pls respond to mee..
my id is
mobile : 09011328762

DHANYA said...

Hi Manohar,
So so so happy to see your blog.. very informative and so simple and easy to understand...I would appreciate if you could help me in a sample project so that i can be more confident of hyperion FI reporting and planning. I live in Boston and desperaly looking for a job so need some hands on experience in hyperion fi reporting... please send me some links or contacts where I can get some sample projects..

chanti said...

Can u plz send me some projects on hyperion essbase & planning r else can u plz tell me anysite which provides projects coz i wanna 2 get an overview of the projects that are handled.
Please respond to me as early as possible & get me on


Amrita said...

Hi Rana,
I have been doing my first project in hyperion interactive reporting 9.3.I have a doubt Kindly help me.I have completed with my report but the performance is very bad.I have a button in the dashboard which is going to process my query.When I click that it takes nearly 15-20 minutes to retrieve the data.I want to retrieve in few seconds.I made a reasearch and found out that the dropdown in which i have populated date takes longer time.Can u please tell me how can i improve the performance??

kschuah said...

Hi Rana,
I new for this product. I interest to join Essbase job field. What is the steps should I move? I have Essbase 9 install in my PC.
My company only focus on Hyperion Performance Suite. Please guide me. Thanks!

Rajesh said...

Hi Rana,

This is Rajesh currently i'm search of HYPERION ESSBASE job, i'm having 3+ Years of Hands on Experience. If come across any requirements kindly let me know and help in growth of my future. Pls consider this and mail me@

hemanth said...

Hi Manohar,

What is the sequence of installation of Hyperion System 9.
Is Shared services and web analysis are also avalilabe along with system 9 software.
Can i get get free download of all these S/w.
please let me know.

Sharma said...

Hi Rana,

I work on IBM BI Cognos Suite ( Reporting, modelling and Cubes). I' have no idea abt Hyperion Essbase but am interested in Hyperion Cubes and reporting. Will learning them boost my carrer? And if so, can you please tell me what modules or tools within Hyperion Essbase should i lean? Can you please give ur guidance?

thanks in advance,

Varma said...

hi, rana ur question & answers more helpfull for me
Thank u

Iinvincible said...

Hello Manohar,

This is to request you to please guide and advice me in topics related to HYPERION ESSABSE.

I am new to the Hyperion product, but have a certain job interview comming up where i need to justify and explain topics related to HYPERION ESSBASE REPORT GENRATION, ANALYSIS and all....The job profile is of a BUSINESS ANALYST, working on HYPERION.

Kindly send me the relevant documents/pdf or provide me a link from where i can download or get free online tutorials.

Seeking your kind suggestion and advice.

murali said...

hi rana anna
iam murali(mca 2008) here from hyderabad, i heard that hyperion is having good opportunities and i want to learn hyperion,can u pls suggest me,the course duration and opportunities details and pls tell me whether for 2+ years exp jobs r there r not


Anonymous said...

Hi Rana,
i am implementing essbase filters. Is it possible to implement 2 filters on same database??
we are having around 40,000 entities and 250 users. each user is having permission to different entities. How can we implement filters in this scenario??

Vinit Chawla

venkanna said...

hi rana am venkat i hav a doudt in Financial reporting. the doudt is what is prompt,how many databases can we create in financial reporting

venkanna said...

what are the potential dimensions in essbase,how the dimensions are consolidated

Jashomanea said...

Hi Manohar,

I have been working with Hyperion Interactive reporting for some time now. But, now I have changed my company and the new one wants me to put up a best practices document. Would you be able to provide any kind of help in this regard?

Thanks in Advance,

Jash Jacob

narramneni said...

What is first step to create EMP planning application?
- Little bit confused about where to start ( from essbase or or from workspace)

Could any body help me ....

Ashis said...

Hi Rana,
i learn about Hyperion Essbase from your blog,you have any document for take the complete backup of application.And one more thing you have any mxl document then ,please send me Boss.

Please consider me and main me


maru said...

Hi Rana

I am working on Essbase
I am interested to learn Hyperion planning
Please share any documents which will make my learning easy

Surendar Reddy said...

Hi Manoher..

I want to know the real time project implementation..could you please send me any project flow and scenario PDFs or doc files to my mail..or any available source to find the projects

please consider my mail

Eswarraghava Eswar said...

hi sir i have completed hyperion if u dont mine send exampes of hyperion projects send to

mrudula said...


I have completed my MCA in 2012.Now i want to learn hyperion.could please tell me is it good to start learning hyperion as a fresher?