Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Essbase Application Migration


Here we will see how you can migrate an Essbase application from one server to another using Hyperion Shared Services Console Migration Utility version when two systems are not connected to each other.
We will fist create an application on the target Essbase server and then migrate the application to a file system and finally migrating to the target server.

I have named it MSR_TEST for the demo purpose.

Now lets go to shared services console.

Expand the Essbase server to see the list of all available application.
Also notice the 'File System' menu below essbase.
Select the Application you want to migrate. When you select the application, on the right main window you will notice the list of substitution variable and databases.
If you expand the database, you will see the list of all other artifacts like Outline and rule files.

Check all and click the button Define Migration below. The tabs on the left hand side will inform you about the steps involved.

here we are trying to migrate 'Demo' application. Click next to select the destination.

Now specify the name for the folder you want to create in the file system. Just in case you want to migrate this application to another server connected to the network, you will have to add that Essbase server in the administration services console and then those applications will appear here.

This is displaying the details of the destination selected. Click Next to start the migration process.

If you want to see the status of the migration, launch migration status report.

This report will show all the previously conducted migrations. The first migration is the current one and it is showing 'In Progress'. Click on the refresh button to see the current status.

Our migration has been completed sucessfully.
Now let's see where exactly the files have been saved.

The default directory where files are saved is Hyperion_Home/common/import_export/admin@native_directory.

Just refresh the file system list and you will notice the application 'MSR_TEST' under it. The application migration does not export the cube data to the file system. However while migrating from one Essbase server to another Essbase server, Utility gives you an option to migrate the cube data.
For our workshop, now we will have to copy the entire folder 'MSR_TEST' and transfer it to the same directory of Target server though ftp or pendrive or CD or any other media.
Once you do that, it will appear in the file system.
Select the application 'MSR_TEST' and you will again see the list of artifacts on the main window.
Click on Define Migration button.

click next to select the destination. This time you will only see the list of applications and not the file system as we already have the artifacts in the file system.

Select the application 'MSR_TEST' we created in the EAS (Administrative Services) in th first step for this purpose.
Click next to see the destination options.

Here we get the option to restructure the cube and retain the cube data. I did not tried this as of now hence not 100% sure whether it exports the data. I will try to show that some other time.
Click next to proceed.

Click Execute migration to start.

Launch the migration status report.

Click refresh to get the updated status.

Migration is successful. Lets check whether it appeared in the EAS or not.

Yes, it is all there. But there is no data in the cube.
Let's try to export the data as well.
Right click the cube on the source system which has the data and select export.

You can export the cube data to a file in your system. Provide the path where you want to export and provide the file extn as .bin.

on the message panel below, it will display the status. In our case it is successful.
Now go to the target system cube and right click to select load data. Click on find data file.

Locate the file in the file system tab and select it.

click on Ok to import.

It will display the status as success.
Lets check whether it displays the data or not.
Right click the cube and select 'preview data'.

You can see now that we successfully migrated an application and exported the data also using Migration utility from shared services console.

Manohar Rana


Dornakal's-Hyperion-Blog said...

Hi Manohar,
this is Dornakal.
great stuff on your Blog.
I appreciate your hardwork.
I was trying to reach you via email.
can you please post your email.

with best wishes,

mahesh said...

Hi Manohar,
How are you. I have query on the process of migration from 6.x to 9.x
I just migrate my application from 6.x to 9.x, but i have not done it through migration wizard.
every thing is fine but i got problem with security where shared services is not there in 6.x and shared services is there in 9.x.
that is a separate shared services server is there for maintaining security 9.x
how we manage these things can you explain it in detail.

Manohar Singh Rana said...

Hi Mahesh,

This is not compulsor.
Let me know whether you are using Essbase native security presently or something else.

But in system 9 also, you have the option to have your security in Essbase native mode or externalise the native users to shared services.

If you are only using Essbase, I don't think you need to have your essbase security in shared services.

Let me know if I have not understood your point correctly.

mahesh said...

Hi manohar,
How are you?
My question is how to migrate users,groups and security filters from 6.x to 9.x? and
one more thing is i want to migrate it without using migration wizard?

krupi said...

Hi Manohar, if you have any sample functional Documents regarding any project in HFM, can you please forward me.

Hanwen said...
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Sweta said...

Hi Manohar,

Your blog is like a life saver for people new to Hyperion World.

I appreciate your interest in sharing your knowledge with others..

Is there a way to contact you?

Any email ids where i can drop an email to you?



Sweta said...

Hello Manohar,

I had posted a message earlier also.. If you could please give me an email id where i could drop an email to you , I would be really grateful. We have a opening overseas for Essbase Administrator.
We are really interested in talking to you.



Manohar Singh Rana said...


Mahesh- I dont think I would be answer your question. I am aware of only LCM utility to migrate users and groups. Also option of exporting and then importing the essbase security file with .sec extension can be explored to do that.

Krupi- I won't be of much help to you.

Hanwen- Thanks for your comment. I would suggest to read and practise.

Sweta- I appreciate your interest in me. Thanks. As of now I do have a job already. Just in case I require your help anytime I will contact you. I have not published my email for some reason and I hope you understand. But do post your messege and I will reply back for sure.

Amit said...

Hi Manohar,How are you.I am Amit.I have a query on the process of migration from Essbase 7.1.3 to Essbase 9.2.Also I want to migrate planning 4.0.1 to 9.2 version.Please share your knowledge with me.This will like a life saver for me.I am waiting for your response.

kalai said...


I am planning to migrates Essbase application (ie. all essbase componets) and groups/filters from version 7.1.5 to Essbase 11.1.1. Please let me know what is the good way to do this migration.


Shikha said...

Can the migration wizard be used to migrate 7.1 essbase applications to 11.1 essbase environment? This is in Solaris environment having ASOs and BSOs cube.

BillR said...

Hi Manohar,

Good information you have here.

I have a question for you. Can you migrate Essbase from one server to another without using the Shared Services Console Migration Utility? Can someone just copy Essbase from a server backup onto another server and will it work? Hyperion told me it should, but just wanted to get another opinion.

We have Essbase 6.x as a legacy on a Windows server that we need to move to another server, but do not have the migration console utility.

Any suggestions? Warnings?


chandra said...


Iam chandra ,we are essbase version 7.6 planning to migarte 9.x
what is the major differeance in 7,x to 9.x any info could be advisable

Thanks $Regards

Pothuru said...

Hi Monohar,

This is Ravi from kolkata.
I have seen your blog.It is very good blog for us.Tis blog is usefull every one.

Thank you,
Pothuru Ravi

Pothuru said...

Hi Manohar,

This is Ravi from kokata.
I have seen your blog today.It is very good blog for us.I have one doubt in essbase 9.3.1.when i open essbase database.Rigt clik on databse. it will disply preview data. but it is showing only metadata and it is not showing data. what is reson. please can you tell me.

Thank you,

ramana said...

Hi Manohar Rana,

This is Ramana and i really appriciate your affort to put all this hyperion stuff at one place.

And i have a one doubt regarding Migration--How can we prepare unit test cases for the users W.r.T to the Migration.

Thanks In Advance Rana.

Ramana Appalaneni.

vijay said...

Hi Manohar,

We are planning to migrate Essbase applications from one instance to new instance


Raj said...

Hi Manohar,

We are planning to migrates Essbase application from version 7x to Essbase 11.1.1. Can you please suggest a good method for migration.

Rajkumar N

Jitu said...

Hi Manohar,

I was going through your blog and found that you have mentioned
"Just in case you want to migrate this application to another server connected to the network, you will have to add that Essbase server in the administration services console and then those applications will appear here."

As per this if i add any Essbase server in my EAS console the same should be reflected under the applicaiton in HSS. But this is not happening. Can you please check on this and confirm ?


Bad said...
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Bad said...

Hi Manohar, Shikha and Raj Kumar....

I have to migrate essbase to, If you have already migrated them, then could please provide me some documnets as to how I should be migrating.
Also, can I migrate directly from 7x to 11x or do I have to migrate to 9x first and then to 11x???

And also, please advise on the User and groups....as there is no shared services on 7x but there on 11x

ani_dc said...

Hi Manohar
i can't able to see the pics or ppt's...plz help me to understand