Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Security Filter Essbase Tutorial


Today we will see how you can create a security filter in Hyperion Essbase and restrict a user to see only the permitted data.

Let's say I want to restrict a user to have access to only January Month.

We will first start with creating a user in Essbase native security with non-administrative rights. Then as our next step we will create a filter of January month and then assign this filter to the user we just created.

Log on to Hyperion Administrative services console with admin user. Under Essbase Server go to Security and expand it.
Right click on the users and select 'create user' option.

Type in your username and provide the password.

Select the default options. Click on Apply to finish.

So we have completed our first step. Now lets create a security filter.

Now select the database on which you would like to create this filter. I have selected 'Basic' Database under 'Demo' Application. Right click on the database and select create-filter.

Provide a name to the filter. On your left side you will see the all the dimensions available in the cube. On Right hand panel you will see 'Access' which allows to define type of access like Read, Write and 'Member Specification' allows you to difine the member( which in our case would be Jan Month).

Select 'Read' in Access as I just want the user to read information.

From left panel, Expand Year-Qtr1. Double click jan and it will get added in the member specification. If that does not come, simply type the member with double quotes.

Click on Verify button and you will see the success messege in the panel below. Don't forget to Save it.
So our security filter is created.
Now we have to assign this filter to the user we created in our first step.

Again under security, right click users and select 'Display user Tables'.

Select the user and click on Edit or simply double click the user.

Select 'App/Db Access' Tab and select 'Access database' option for 'Demo' Application from the list.

Select 'Filter' option for 'Basic' Database.

As soon as you select filter option for Basic, Filter just below that will get enabled and you can see all the filters you have created. Select the filter you just created. Click Apply to save.

Now we are ready to see the results. We will see the results in Excel Add-in.

connect to Excel Add-in.

Provide the username and password of the user we created for this purpose. You will notice only one application appearing in the list. Clock 'OK'.

Retreive the results.

Now you can see that the user is only authorized to view results for Jan month only. As we did not provided any options for products or other dimensions, it will by default grant access to all products(Visible on the screen above). You can further restrict user for a particular product or products or any other dimensions.
You can also create complex filters using substitution variables for situations like you may want to grant access to current quarter.

Manohar Rana


Neeraj Verma said...

Simply Awesome manohar..Is this for System 9 only?I cant see the same options in 7.15..

pirlo said...

Hi,is your security filter the same as the one in the Planning Desktop?

GeneralM said...

I am using a maxl script to create security filters. I now want to add conditional filter so that if a variable is currently set to July then alter filter add write on July-December. Anyone know how to do this? I want to use a variable as the condition to set the filter.

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I want to start my career in hyperion essbase. Could you please give me some advice on how to start on this course and any books you recommend reading..


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I am new to hyperion...I need some help from your side my question as

1)how to create user and groups in hyperion planning?

2)What is difference between if i create user and groups in hyperion essbase and planning?

3)what is the use of shared services?in where we can access rights?

lily said...

Hi Manohar,

I got a question about how Essbase secruity filters can work for Financial Reporting.

We want to control someone access some members of one dimension, not all. Please advise. thank you so much.


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I want to start my career in hyperion essbase. I wanted to know about the job profile hierarchy in Hyperion. For example, if I am working under a team in a company as an Essbase developer then how many members are there usually in a team and what are their job profiles and roles. What are the growth prospects?

Please do reply.

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