Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interactive Reporting with Essbase


Today we will see how Hyperion Interactive Reporting treats Essbase.
First open the IR studio and make a connection with Essbase server.

Make a new database connection.

Select Essbase in both the drop downs.
Clicking on next and provide the Essbase server and username details.

Here you will be asked to select the cube and dimensions. Select any dimension and finish.

This is how the cube dimensions will appear and on the main window you can drag and drop the dimensions or members.

You can analyse cubes this way but I did not see the options enabled to create charts while working with Essbase and functionalities looked limited.
Then I thought of exporting the cube to a flat file from IR and then import it again.

This is how it came.

Now you can work normally with the flat file and create queries and charts with this.

Though I did not like the way it works with Essbase but I hope this would improve in future releases.
Today I tried something which again basically flattens the Essbase cube. I am sharing it with you.

Once you define your query, go to Query-Download results.

This will flatten the Essbase cube and your results will get displayed. Now go ahead and create your charts and dashboard as usual.

Now this is pretty good.

Manohar Rana


arksjd said...

Hi Manohar

I am new to Essbase and I am assigned to install Essbase 9.3.1 in HP-Unix box in the client place. I could not find any material to do this installation. I would like to know the pre-requisites for this and where can I get help regarding this. Thanks in Advance.

Surya said...

Hi Manohar ,
Thanks for providing useful information on QlikView. I wish u will continue your help. Can you please explain me about the Port numbers which we are using in QlikView.

sara said...

I am new in oracle hyperion interactive reporting , I dont konw learn about it and konw it in step to step , please help me , and I want to know how can I report about oracle jdeveloper in oracle hyperin interactive reporting ? what relation between oracle hyperion interactive reporting and oracle jdeveloper ->oracle adf?

venu said...

Hi Manohar,I have a question in IR9.3.1 Vs Essbase cube.
I am running a query against Essbase cube from IR 9.3.1. Whenever i say downloadtoResults , i got Alert message and says
‘Note that if the source query results are not fully expanded and/or symmetric, Invalid, flattened results might be returned.’
OK Cancel
Do not show this warning message.

Do you have any idea to get rid off this alert message?
Any help would be really appreciated.

madhukar said...

Hi Manohar,

Iam new to interactive reporting 11.Can you provide information about group by clause in IR.I have tried a lot but i didn't find that option.
Can you provide me some example in IR for group by clause..

katherapalli said...


i am rakesh i have one doubt can we creat the aso application in the planing. if it is ok how to create the aso application in planing