Monday, December 29, 2008

Qlikview - Slider


Just take a look at the slider options available in Qlikview.

Here is a sample slider which is linked to a variable and by sliding it you can see the effects in the chart column "what-if Act Vs Bud".

Now you can link a field to this slider or you can create a variable and assign this slider to this variable. You can decide a scale for this slider. Here I have mentioned a scale for 0-10. You also have an option to make this slider single value or multiple value. I have selected a single value slider.
Now you can treat this slider values as percentage and can accordingly derive formulae.

The selected text in Black shows my variable test which I linked to the slider and the formulae column values will change when I will slide the pointer.

You can make really nice, interactive and useful what-if applications using this and this is very easy to build and use.
I wish Hyperion Interactive reporting will have such slider features soon.

Manohar Rana


ali said...

Hi Manohar,
Thanks for the posting and I wish you a happy & prosperous new year and also to all hyperion blog followers.


Manohar Singh Rana said...

Thanks Ali,

Wish you the same to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Manohar, You are great man, and all the posting that you have placed here were amazing for newbies like me. You gave us the great start to build on. Keep up bro with the good work. Could you also include the installation and configuration of all the products. I have never seen any toturials on the installation. Actually I was trying to install the SQL and trying to integrate with essbase, could do it.

But I Love your work keep up bro.


for the posting and I wish you a happy & prosperous new year and also to all hyperion blog followers

shachindra said...

HI Manohar,

Can u please let me know. How can we do what if analysis or forecasting in dashboard studio 9.3.1 we do not have sliders or gauge chart.

Eagrly waiting for your early response


Manohar Singh Rana said...

Hi Sachindra,

I guess Hyperion IR is not made for that and I have never seen anything of such sort in IR reports.

I am not sure if that can be done in IR.


Manohar Rana