Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hyperion Workspace 11


Today let's take a look at Hyperion Workspace 11.
Workspace is a pure web client acting as a single window access to all Hyperion components. It also work as a file management system wherein you can manage all Hyperion documents along with generic files like Word, pdf, html etc.
Those who are not aware of Workspace, please read my earlier post Hyperion Workspace.
Lets look at Some of the features introduced in version 11.
No doubt, the look and feel of Workspace is much better in 11 now.
Now you can search for the documents in the Workspace repository. This is really helpful when you just cannot remember the names of the files and can search by passing some search string.

The search column is placed on top at right hand side. Just put your search string and click on find icon.

The results are displayed. You also have sorting and filtering option for narrowing down your search.
If you are not getting your document, you also have advance search options.

You can manage your Hyperion docs as well as non-hyperion docs in your folders as you do in your Windows environment. You can create your folders and import documents from your machine into Workspace.
This is how you can create a folder for you.

Decide a name for your folder.

Folder is created.

Now let's see how we can import files from your machine into Workspace.
Right click on the main window and you will see import option.

Browse and select your file. If you need to select multiple files, you have that option available as well.

This is not merely importing a document but you have various advance options to manage those imported documents. Just loot at this slide.

You can also define the security while importing the document.

All the users and groups will be shown in the left pane. Bring the users to the right if you want to give them access. Not neccessary they will gain all the access. You can restrict them.

Now the file is imported to the Workspace repository. Now even if you edit or remove your original file, it will have no effect in the imported file. Now you can copy, paste or delete the imported file as you normally do.

We will discuss some more features very soon.

Manohar Rana


chinni said...

i need SDLC of an essbase project urgently pls post.


Anonymous said...

Hi there...was searching online for what controls the launching MS Office documents from Workspace. I have one user that gets a prompt to either open or save the document and another that it opens in a new tab in Workspace.

The preferred way is the former. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

massic said...

Hello, I would like to know if in this version of the Hyperion stack is still possible to call reports (for example BQY ) using SmartCut, bypassing login just adding to the smartcut URL username and password of SharedServices user.
Thanx ;)

Arif said...

Hello there...
I have Hyperion DemoDrive 9.3.1 and I have an assignment to upgrade the HyperionPlanning and Workspace to 11 version but still using the same data.
So, just the software I've been asked to upgrade.
Do you know how to solve my problem?