Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hyperion Visual Explorer(HVE) Demo


Today I have created a informal video demonstration of Hyperion Visual Explorer(HVE).

The demonstration is for end-users or analysts.

The demonstration will give you an idea of HVE, its capabilities and features.

HVE is same as the Tableau software with some changes like in Tablaeu software you can connect to multiple sources(relational, multidimensional and flat files) and also you have more chart options like Pie chart. Oracle HVE is restricted to connect to only Essbase and the pie chart option is not available.

This demonstration is for general purpose only and in no way should be used for any activity other than general information.

You can download the demonstration from the following link.(Zip File size 37 MB)

HVE Demo

You may be interested in Hyperion Essbase Demo.

I have tried to make the demo comprehensive and at the same time do not claim completeness.

Any suggestions, Please let me know.

Manohar Rana

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