Monday, December 29, 2008

Hyperion Interactive Reporting Enhancements - Charts


In earlier releases IR was simply lacking in Guage charts like speedometer, thermometers and Sliders which are very frequently used in measuring ratios and are an important content in a dashboard.

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When you open IR studio, you will notice a Gauge menu on left hand side under which you have chart options like Bullet, traffic light and speedometer.

Drag speedometer to the main window and you will see a speedometer like this. The values and colours it is showing is more like an icon and does not contain any values or data.
When you click once on the speedometer, value and target cloumns will appear below the chart.

From the results menu on the left, drag your columns into values and target.

Here I have selected "Actual" into value and "Plan" into target column.

From the Dashboard menu on the top, deselect Design Mode.

You will see the speedometer taking this shape. I know this is not looking nice and is difficult to understand.

Again go back to design mode and right click on the speedometer and go to properties.

Click on the speedometer tab and you will see these formatting options. You can select an automatic scale which is a default option. In colour range you can define some colour ranges by using the "add" button.

Click on the Add button.

I have defined the ranges and colours and provided some tips like Good, Bad etc.

Again deselect the design mode and you can see a speedometer which is easy to understand and looking pretty decent atleast to me.
Lets make it more interactive using a slider.

Going back to design mode, under controls section on the left drag slider to the main window and place it beside the speedometer.

Click on the slider once and you will notice a dim column below the charts.

From the Results section, select the dimension. I have selected "Region" here.

Unchecking design mode, you will see a slider with the regions. You can slide the pointer on the scale but nothing will happen. No worries. Thats perfectly alright.

Right click on the slider in design mode and select properties.

Select the association tab. You will notice available and selected list. Here we can associate the slider with the speedometer so that we can see the actual/plan ratio in the speedometer for my regions interactively.

Move speedometer to the selected list.

Now when you move your pointer over different regions, you will notice the effects in the speedometer chart.

The slider is not very functional. If you get a chance to look at the slider functionalities available in Qlikview you will probably understand what I mean. If I get a chance to show you that I will post that as well.

Also just Take a look at Qlikview Slider.

There are also some live charts that has been added in version 11. Overall these live charts are also very good looking and interactive. I will show you that as well in another post.

Manohar Rana


madhavi said...


I have added speedo meter in dashboard section.In "Design" mode it is appearing,when we change the mode to "run" it is not appearing.Even i have checked the Sppedometer properties settings...There visible is Checked..Please help me out.

Madhavi P

Umair said...


I am encountering the same problem as Madhavi. What can be the reason for that?


Nitz said...

I am also facing this same issue... did anyone of you got any luck

sammy said...

Like most of the stuff with Hyerion and Oracle, it is simply full of faults. It's simply a shit product. I've never seen so much problems with a Product before