Monday, December 29, 2008

Hyperion Interactive Reporting Enhancements- Live Charts


I will quickly show you the new live charts introduced in version 11.

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On left hand side of the IR studio, look under Live charts section where you will notice chart types like Bar, Block, Funnel and Radar.
Drag pie chart to the main section or window and click on it once.

Under fact and slice columns below, drag for example "Actual Units Sold" and "Store type".

Right click on the chart and select properties.

Here you have options like Chart type(Pie ans Donut), Effect(2D and 3D), and Check the Explode option.

Uncheck design Mode to go to Run mode and you will see an exploding donut chart.
You can link this chart with a slider similar to how I did in my earlier post
Hyperion Intractive Reporting Enhancements- Charts.

You can try this with other chart options.

Manohar Rana


Anonymous said...

Can Applicaton manger create te Users and Groups?

三咨 said...

Thank you very much!

I meet a problem in version 11.
When I put the live chart control into dashboard section and enter into runtime modal,I can not see the control.why?

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