Monday, December 29, 2008

Hyperion Interactive Reporting Enhancements

Today I am going to demonstrate new enhancements in Interactive Reporting version 11.
Now you can users to do drill down and many other options in IR documents that have been imported in Hyperion Workspace.

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Create a Chart in Interactive reporting studio. Those who do not know how to do this, Please refer to my earlier post Hyperion Interactive Reporting Tutorial.

Right click on the chart and go to Properties.

Under make embedded sections, select Active option. This will allow you to make this object active in the workspace.

Now again right click on the chart and select Shortcut menu.

You will see two columns like selected and available. By default all options will be shown under Selected list. You can deselect some of the options and bring them in available list. The end users will then not be allowed to use those options.
Then log on to the Hyperion Workspace and import the bqy or IR document into it.

Open the document by double clicking.

Now if you right click on any dimension member like Americas here, you will see all those selected options.

Now In another post, I will show some new charts introduced in version 11 like Speedometers and Sliders which were lacking earlier in IR.

Though I did not find the slider very functional but I can only hope it will be more functional and useful in future releases.

Also couple of days back someone complained that the snapshots are very small and so Ithis time I tried to make them larger. Let me know if you still have problem in viewing.

Manohar Rana


Soumyajit Nath said...

Manohar its nice to see that people getting lot of help from your post. Just to inform you that its a really helpful post but cannot see the pics. It would have helped us better.

Soumyajit Nath said...

Can you please update the screen shots in the blog