Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hyperion Essbase Demo


Today I got some time to create an audio-visual demonstration for Hyperion Essbase Excel Add-in.

The demonstration is for end-users or analysts.

The demonstration will give you an idea of Hyperion Essbase, its capabilities and features.

This demonstration is for general purpose only and in no way should be used for any activity other than general information.

* The links to the files have been removed as the link was not working properly. Very soon will try to provide new links. Apologies for the inconvenience.
You can download the demonstration from the following link.(Zip File size 37 MB)

Hyperion Essbase Demo

You may be interested in Hyperion Visual Explorer demo

I have tried to make the demo comprehensive and at the same time do not claim completeness.

Any suggestions, Please let me know.

Manohar Rana


teddypal said...

HI Rana,

I already send a post regarding hyperion score details.but now i couldn't see my comment itself in your blog.can you please reply to it?.

Thanks and Regadrs

Anonymous said...

Hi Rana:
I come from china,I can't download this demo for some reasons
, could you send it to me?
Email: hero_hxiong@yahoo.com.cn
Thanks a lot!
Best wish to you!


wiraz said...

I tried to go through your Audio Visual Demo, but the audio is not working! Is it only with me or is it a problem?

Fez said...

First of all I am really thankful for your time that you spend to write this blog for us. From this blog we got a huge information for the Hyperion.

Now, the reason of this writing is I tried to download both Hyperion Essbase Demo and HVE Demo files but I could not get success. Every time get one message in the middle of downloading like The link is broken and try to download some other time. I have been facing this issue since last month.

Is there any other way from where I can get these demo files?

Looking forward to your reply.

newton said...


Please let me know the future and value of working in this hyperion essbase tool.

Nancy said...

Hi Rana,

Your articles are awesome that it made me to sit the whole day in reading most of your posts.I am unable to download this demo. could you please send it to me?
Email: a.nancy78@gmail.com

Thanks in advance,