Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hyperion Essbase 11

Oracle would be releasing Hyperion EPM(Enterprise performance management) suite version 11.1.1 very soon with lots of new features and tight integration between other components. Installation and configuration would be much simpler than before.
Oracle has provided the new set of documents on its website.
Installables are expected to be available for download very soon.
The main features would be-
1. One common user interactive installer for all installations and easy options for upgrade and reinstall.
2. Diagnostor- to check which component is not working fine.
3. one common log files folder in hyperion home.
4. interactive reporting will have more intuitive charts like speedometer, thermometer and slider charts and using them with no programming. Also added features like trend lines, reference lines etc.
5. Integration with Oracle BI server sementic layer where the presentation layer can be accessed using ODBC without any need to define joins again.
6. Support for Netezza database through ODBC.
7. Enhanced support for ANSI sql.
8. Enhanced support for Teradata database functions.
9. SQR reporting will have new look with feature to add data from two data sources in one report using graphical interface.
10. Export SQR reports to XML which can be used by BI Publisher as a data source.
11. Workspace will have a new look and more features like advance search options, copy, cut and paste options.
12. Webanalysis will also have a new look and feel with better features.
13. Smart space was already there with 9.3.2 but this time it will be integrated with the suite.
14. Less number of documents which is really a big relief for the users, administrators and developers.
15. More tutorials/Oracle by example are expected which will help users to learn the tool easily. Now learning Hyperion will not be that difficult.
There will be much more than what I have mentioned.

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Jai Prakash said...

Can u pls help me out on smartview in MSWORD and MSPOWERPOINT using Function Builder