Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Multiple pages in Hyperion Financial Reporting

Couple of days back, I received a query from Daniel Medina saying.
Is there any way to build multiple pages reporting ? I'm only can make page brakes, but I can't see multiple pages.
Let me show you this.
For those you do not know how to reach till this point, please go through
Hyperion Financial reporting tutorial

After selecting your columns and rows, make a selection for pages also. Simply drag and drop.
You will notice a dropdown 'pages'. Just select the dropdown as shown below and you will see a button for the pages dimension. 'Market' here in my case.
Now click the Market button to select the page values.
Expand the Market, and select the values which you want to see in the pages.
Click on Ok. Your Grid will look like this with the values selected in pages.
Now Run the report to see the output. And you will see multiple pages in the report.
Click on Next page.
This is how you can create report using pages.
Please ask if you have more questions.
Good Luck.


Daniel said...

Thanks Manohar.

Sweta said...

Hi Manohar,
I need to create a report having entity & 2 attribute dimensions. the report would show the associated attribute dimension members for each entity. how to achieve this?