Monday, July 21, 2008

Hyperion Workspace

Today I will show how does Hyperion Workspace looks like and its features.
You may like to know more about Workspace 11.
For those who do not no the architecture, please refer Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Architecture
Open Workspace in IE with http://localhost:19000/workspace
This is how workspace will look like.
The Left pane will contain the folders consisting of your reports you have developed in various reporting tools like Interactive reporting, SQR and Financial Reporting. The Right area is called as content area.
Now we will see some features in Workspace.
The Navigate menu is a drop down list of items that provide access to modules in the workspace to which you have access. You will observe the following items.
1. Explore- List and navigate the contents of the repository , manage the files and folders.
2. Applications- Access Financial management and Planning applications.
3. Administer- Manage users, roles, groups and authentications and many more.
4. Schedule- Manage jobs, batches(For batch reporting) and events for automated processing.
5. Impact Manager- Manage metadata and data models and task status.
6. Open Items- List and navigate between open documents in the workspace.
I will show you the Administer part and its features.
The first tab is general and contains options for some general properties.
The second tab User management will open the shared services console where you can manage the users and roles.
Here another important tab is MIME types. You can manages all MIME types here.
You can add or delete the MIME types.
The next important feature is usage tracking.
Event tracking.
Just look at the options for even tracking.
Others options like batch scheduling and email notifications are common hence not being described here.
Some other features in Workspace are you can import an Interactive reporting connection file and can create IR documents in workspace only.
My next tutorial is Hyperion Web Analysis and you can launch Web Analysis from workspace.
My next post will be Hyperion Web Analysis Tutorial


bineet said...

This was informative, Thanks, I am working For a client where we have to include ADF pages into the workspace. Please if you know how to do this then kindly let me know. Also I would like to control the navigation of the ADF page that is included in the workspace through the menu items of the Workspace it self. Thanks and Appreciate your help.

Sweta said...

Hi Manohar,
I created an user in shared services, provided role as planning application creator. But in Workspace EPMA 11, i m nt able to synchronize the user from shared services. hence i m nt able to create applications from workspce. please guide

krutika said...

Hi Manohar,

This is quite an informative blog. I have run into a roadblock in my implementation and was wondering if you would have a solution to it. It is regarding customization of Workspace 9.3.1 Could you please tell me any info you have regarding this. My email id is

Osayomwanbor said...

hi, am having problems loging in to workspace on Oracle 11 EPMS. i have restarted the services but its still no working. pls any help.

Osayomwanbor said...

hi, i tried to login to workspace on ENTERPRISE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. but i got this error message "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."
what is the solution to this problemp pls?