Monday, July 21, 2008

Hyperion Planning Tutorial

Hyperion planning is a web based budgeting and planning application.
Some of the features include-
1. Multi dimensional analysis.
2. Support for Target setting.
3. Web based data entry forms.

Check this post Learn Hyperion planning for detailed discussion and snapshot tutorial.

You can have a small demonstration of the capabilities and features here

The OLAP schemas can be designed in Administrative services console with dimensions and hirarchies and the data entry forms can be made in hyperion planning. Hence to first start with hyperion planning, I will show how to create schemas, dimensions and hirarchies in Administrative services console in my next post and then I will show something on planning.
Till now I have provided tutorials on Reporting and analysis components( only Smartview and Hyperion Visual Explorer remaining) Click on the links.
Now I will try to post tutorials on-
1. Administrative services console.
2. Integration services console.
3. hyperion planning
4. Essbase studio(new in Hyperion 11).
5. Hyperion shared services.
So keep watching.


Raghu Kalepu said...

Thats Good work dude.. very useful.. thanks for posting..

ravi said...

Hello Manohar,
The articles are so educational.I work in Bangalore.I earlier worked on Hyperion Financial Reporting.Are you conducting any training on Hyperion.If so I will be attending that.I have to work on Planning in my next assignment.I have to self study.I have no clue on how to initiate the process.I would be glad if you can help me.


icesky said...


I recently installed a 931 sandbox in my pc.

However, when I(a user) logged on workspace,the user is missing the option "Classic Application Administration" under "Administer". The user has all the other options such as "General","Notification", "Low Level Security".(See the interface on workspace on the link from Rittman Mead Consulting: Could you give me some suggestions on how to troubleshoot such issue? Please note that the user has the role of "Application Creator" under "Global Roles" in Shared Services.

Any help will be appreciated.


Anil said...

Hi Manohar,

can you please suggest me what manual or documents i have to follow to resolve the hyperion system issues as i am working as a hyperion system administator.

please help me out.

thanks in advance.

Ramachandran said...

Can you let me know what is the difference between Hyperion 9.3 and Hyperion 11

Anonymous said...

I'm new to hyperion planning...what is the use of DIM,ODI,HAL in hyperion planning?Pls any one reply to