Friday, July 18, 2008

Hyperion Essbase 11.1.1


Yesterday I go the chance to install new hyperion Essbase 11.1.1 which is called as Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.1.1.
The installation files are around 7 GB size. This time also you will have to download the different zip files for different components but you will have a common installer for installing Hyperion EPM.
Unzip all the files in a common assemblies folder and run the installer. The installation is pretty simple.
The configuration utility then can be used to configure all the components. Here you need to configure the database and application server. This time Hyperion EPM can be deployed only on OC4J or Oracle AS.
A new utility is the diagonostic utility which can be run to find out which components ar not running and will help in troubleshooting.
Most of the components are the same but certainly with new looks, bigger fonts and windows.
The new components which are new are Essbase studio.
Now you can use BI server as a database using ODBC.
All in all, I liked the features and the approach to make things simpler and easy to use.


Sudipto said...

Hi Manohar,

I installed EPM 11.1.1 recently. But after installing the products and configuration when i am trying to log into workspace it giving me an error “You must supply a valid User Name and Password to log onto the system”. The user is "admin" and is provisioned in shared services. Please help me.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you have found the fix by now but had the same issue. There is a package called Reporting and Analysis Migration Utilitities or something like that on the edelivery website. Although kind of named counter intuitively, you need to install this package or, it seems, workspace does not fully install.

Manohar Singh Rana said...

Yes. You need to download two more components 1. portlets 2. migration utility. And your workspace will work fine. But my Webanalysis problem is not solved. The moment I launch it from workspace, it stays there for a moment and then the IE window closes.