Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting started with SQR Production Reporting

Last time I showed how to create a database connection in SQR and a sample report but I was unable to show the output. This time I will show the sample report and some more features.
Now before selecting the database connection, you will be asked to choose the type of report you want to create.
Select the first type and click ok. Select the database connection. Click OK.
You will be asked to select the tables you need.
Next tab is for table joins. Joins will be made automatically sensing the parent child relationship.
Select the fields you want to see in the report.
Now select the group break. Group break should be the member at the upper level like region here.
Last tab is configure .
Click on finish.
The report template will be like this.
Just go through the query explorer, object and property explorer on the left.
Lets see how the report look like. Click on process report button on the menu bar.
My Region column is blank as I do not have any values. Hence I will remove the region cloumn from the template.
Now lets see the output.
The output is not looking good. I dont want to see the city repeating.
Drag the city field from the Details level and drop in group header column.
Lets see the report.
Now this is looking ok.
You can do formatting, add calculated fields and add charts with links to web analysis and much more. I have done some formatting and my template looks like this.
And the output report like this. This is the last page of the report.
I know this is not very good but my objective here is to show the features.
This is really fast and you can make quick reports with lot of functionalities.
If you find any queries, let me know.
Good luck.


Anonymous said...

did you find out why the report was not getting processed last time around?

mahesh said...

Hi Rana,
How are you?
could you explain the features of this SQR production reporting.

How it differ from FR and Webanalysis.

what are the advanced features of SQR compare to FR and Webanalysis.
How is the market for this tool now?
why should client go for this? can you explain?