Friday, June 20, 2008

Working with Hyperion Administrative services

Open Administrative services console.
Put the server name , admin as username and password as password.
If this does not connect check if Database service is running and service name 'Hyperion S9 Administration Services ATS5' is running. Even if it is running, restart it once again.
The console will open.
Add Essbase server . Right click on essbase server and click Add Essbase server.
Put the Essbase server name as Localhost and admin as username and password as password.
Expand the Essbase server.
You will see the demo applications and expanding them will show the database. Right click and you will see many options. To see the data select Preview Data.

On right hand portion you will see the values. Double click on any dimension and it will drill down. Similarly double click(right) and it will work as drill up. Hold Right click and you would be able to move the dimensions.
The other operations you can do are:
1. creating application and database.
2. creating outlines(dimensions, hirarchies, measures, calculations etc).
3. Creating data load rule files to load data from sql or flat files.
4. Load the data into the outline.
Keep watching. I will show how to do all this in my next blog.

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