Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hyperion SQR production reporting tutorial

I will show how we can create a report in Hyperion SQR production reporting.
The wizard will open as shown.
Choose the type of chart or report you want to create.
click on New to create connection with the database.

Provide the name to this connection.
select ODBC as type of connection.
Select The DSN you want to make the connection
Select the default values.
Type in the log in details.
Connection is made successfully. Click on OK and proceed.
select the table you would like to see in your report.

Joins would be made automatically sensing primary and foreign key relationship. However you can change it.
Select the fields you want in the report.
Select the columns you want to create group breaks.
Select any template.
A template will be created with feilds arranged in default format.
Go to report tab and click on Process Report.
At this time I am not able to the output. I guess I am not able to configure my SQR properly. I see this error.
If anyone has some solution, please let me know.


claus koenig said...

Could you have larger print screens. I am having difficulty to read the print.

bb mama said...

Looks like its not a tutorial after all.

What database are you using? Oracle or Windows?
Just use text edit its less painful than the UI of Hyperion.

Guy_mu1 said...

First of all do you have a proper server engine? If not you may face this problem.
Other problem could be that your data connection setup has some problem.
If you want try the sample mdb files that comes with Hyperion. If that is not setup correctly, you will get the same error.

ahmet sedef said...

The problem is related with SQR server. if SQR server is not loaded your machine, this error seems in the screen. For solving this problem, install SQR server in your pc or server