Monday, June 16, 2008

Hyperion Interactive Reporting Tutorial

How to create reports, pivots, charts and dashboards in Hyperion Interactve Reporting for beginners.

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Open Hyperion Interactve Reporting studio.
Click on 'Create new database connection' and click ok.
select connection software and database type.
provide your username and password and select the DSN.

click on next and it will ask you to save the OCE(Open catalog extension) file.
This window will come up. Expand the tables tree on the left to see all the tables.
simply drag the table required to the work space. The joins will be made automatically. However you can change the joins by double clicking the join.

Now drag the columns required in your report to the request. Right click and click on Process Query.
The results will be shown like this.
To create pivots, charts and dashboards go to insert.
Select new pivot and drag the columns from left to the row, column and facts boxes.
to create a new chart, select new chart and drag the columns and facts in the boxes.
you can change the type of chart from the list.
You will have options to drill down and slicing on the right click.
To create the new dashboard, select new dashboard. Drag the pivots, results and charts from the lower left part of the screen and drop on the right. To preview the dashboard, go to dashboard and uncheck design mode by clicking on it. The dashboard will be viewed.
There are many options like embedded browser if you expand controls in lower left portion which you can use to embed other web application to open from within the dashboard.
just play around with it and you will discover many more.

If you want to understand how IR works with Essbase, Just take a look at this post.
Also take a look at how to publish IR documents in Hyperion Workspace created in IR studio with drill down feature enabled.
Good Luck.


Tony said...

Thank you very much! My colleague and I are working on a project right now that requires us to use Interactive Reporting, and we found your tutorial to be much faster and easier to get started than the Hyperion-provided documentation.

This made things much easier for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manohar,

This was very helpful. Do you happen know anymore information about the embedded browser feature? I'm trying to integrate it within one of my dashboards. Thanks.


Rayna said...

That's fine. Just wondering though how I can call a SQL Server database stored procedure? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manohar,

I want to know if we can capture a particular user ID in Hyperion Interactive reporting. I mean like writing back to database depending on the User ID entered. Please let me know if this can be done.


Anonymous said...

Hi naveen,

Yes we can write back to database using particular userid. you need to take that userid into a variable then write a script to connect the datamodel with script and write the simple sql to insert the data with appropriate table and column name.


alice said...

Hi Manohar,

Do you happen to know how to make the columns taller with the Vertical Stack Bar? My dilemma right now is that the values on my stack bar are too small to see and if I make the font larger the numbers overlap.



nagesh said...

Hi Manohar,ujjawal

I am nagesh, I need your help in hyperion IR, I need detailed information about writeback technology in hyperion IR.
I have read somewhere that writeback is possible in IR dashboards but i do't know how to enable or make it work.
Please provide the information/doc about writeback to the source database.
Ex: I have a table in my OLTP database, I need to enter/modify data from IR /Dashboard.

please share document if you have anything on this.

Many thanks.

Best Regards,

kAMAL said...

Hi Manohar, Thanks for sharing the wornderful information on your blog- I am in critical need of a Hyperion Reporting and Dashboad designing coaching institute. Can you pls suggest any institute anywhere in India where I can avail this trainig.
Regards, Kamal

Gayathri Devi said...

Hi Manohar, I need few clarifications in installing Hyperion Interactive Reporting.
1. What are all Prerequisites for Interactive Reporting?
2. what are all the files i need to install at server level and what are all the files i need to install at client level?
3. I have Oracle 10.1.2 as my database. So do i need to install Shared Services, Interactive Reporting Services, UI Services, Essbase Server at the server level and deploy them?
4. At the client level if i install Interactive Reporting Clinet, Essbase client is it enough?
5. Do i need to install Production Reporting, Essbase Administartion Service, Integration Service also? If so please tell me where to install that-- either at server system or at client system.

Gayathri Devi

Manohar Singh Rana said...

Hi Gayathri-
Server- Foundation services, reporting servies, Reporting UI services
Client- Reporting client
No need to install sqr production or other reporting client.
If you are not using essbase, no need to install any essbase component.

pkayen said...

Hi Manohar,

In the Interactive Reporting Studio, is there a way to restrict the system tables from displaying on the tables panel?


Guy_mu1 said...

Hi Manohar...this were very helpful examples...But in my case, I have worked on Cognos whole life and now I have to work on IR. I do not know anything about Hyperion. Is there any documents with screenshots which will teach you from scratch about IR? Like what all you can do and what are different apps etc...

Emad-ud-deen said...

Hi Manohar,

I have installed Oracle 11g. Apart from the 11g database can you tell me what else we need to install to get Hyperion Interactive Reporting up and running?

Thanks in advance.


Garry said...

Hi Manohar,

I am trying to connect the IR Studio 9.3.1 to Essbase which is also 9.3.1 but I am getting an error on creating the OCE as Essbase error code 1030019.

Do I need to install interactive reporting services in the server side to do the connection to essbase.

Anyway this can be resolved.

SoS said...

Hyperion is the seriously the worst tool i have ever used.

This application is for people call themselves a "programmer" after a 6 month of computer training course.

If you are a skilled or experienced programmer, you will hate this tool.

Keith said...

Hi Manohar, I have been working, no, struggling with Hyperion IR for two years and I would agree that it is a very frustrating package to try and use. For example I am trying to reproduce some features of one dashboard in another, and there is no way to cut and paste ANYTHING between them . . not even a text box. As for successfully manipulating query limits this is more a game of chance sometimes. However we may be able to help each other on some aspects of the product - please do feel free to contact me at

Jumbu said...


We have a lot of reports scheduled thru the scheduler. These reports are then accessed by a set of users. Is there anyway I can find out when was this report last accessed and by who - I am able to find out when this was last run - but wanted to find out whether any user accessed it at all after it was run by the scheduler.

Thanks in advance.

Catbird said...

Hi Manohar,

Can you recommend a good users guide to get me up to speed on Hyperion Financials? I have not used this software before and need to learn it quickly.

Thank you for your information. it is most helpful.