Monday, June 16, 2008

Hyperion Financial Reporting Tutorial

This post is to help those who are new to financial reporting and to help them in starting with the application.
Before you log on make sure you have provisioned the financial reporting user to log on.
Hyperion Financial Reporting-
Log on to hyperion financial reporting from start-programs-hyperion-reporting and analysis-financial reporting-studio.
provide username and password and the server name. you can use admin user with password as password to log in. Provision admin user with financial reporting in shared services.
The first window will look like this

Select the folder where you wish to create and save your report.
Go to file-new-report to create new report.

Select the area for creating your report and as soon as you release the mouse the database connection window will open.
click New database connection button.
provide the log on details for essbase user and click on the button on the application field.
Expand the application and the databases under them will appear. Even if you have not created any datasources, there are some already available for demo purposes. Hera I have created an application with a database HR.
Select the datasource and click ok and again ok and again ok.

now drag the 'point of view' (POV) icons and drop in rows and columns areas as desired. for the sake of simplicity I have selected only one dimension as row and as column.
click on ok.
double click on departments and jobs POV and select the desired values. If you select departments and jobs, you will see the aggregation to the top level. In this case I have selected them. Apart from them you can select the members of your choice.
I have selected only some of the values and not all.
Do the same for jobs POV.
now go to file-print preview. you will see your results.
Now I will show how to create a chart for the grid report you have made.
click on the chart button as shown in arrow.
On right hand side you will see chart properties. click on format chart button to format.
I have changed the orientation to horizontal. Make the changes you want to make and click on ok. Whenever you make any changes, you can preview the effects instantly by clicking on the refresh button just beside the graph. Try to make changes in the formatting and viewing its effects as it will give you more clear understanding of the features.
Click on Ok after making the changes.
you can resize the chart size.
Go to file and print preview to see the chart.
This is how the report will look like. Play with it and you will discover more features. Also let me know any new findings. good luck.


Manohar Rana said...

venkat also have someting about this in his blog. He has clearly shown how to provision your admin user for financial reporting. look for more details at

Manohar Rana

kranthi said...

Dude,it was awesome and so useful!!!

Manohar u rock...

Vikas said...

Hi Manohar,
Very good information about Hyperion Financial Reporting (FR). Can you throw some light about difference between FR and Web Analyzer and IR.


vinay said...

Buddy it was awesome, Can u let me know the diffrence b/w Hyperion financial reporting tool and other financial reportin tools?

Naren said...

Hey Manohar, It is a very good presentaion for the beginers. Can you let me know the types of reports that we can create using HFR?

Mobile: +91 9849605007

hajer said...

I'm a beginner in Hyperion.I've installed the 'Reporting and Analysis' package in order to use Financial reporting studio but I don't see the path in Start>Programs>Hyperion>Reporting and Analysis.
Do you have any idea on how to start the financial reports studio??

Thnanks in advance

Anonymous said...

The tutorial was very interesting. One question, in financial reporting studo can you create reports that are top down?

So for example reports that start at the top rollup then put items in the next rollup after the first. Opposed to the other way around. I have been looking everywhere and cant find anywhere to do it.

Shikha said...

Hi Manohar, This is a wonderful tutorial for beginners. Is'nt in 11.1.2, the pdf functionality for Financial Reports changed. During the configuration process it is no longer asking for the ghost script path... what is the new process to have the pdf functionality...please advise.

Sweta said...

Hi Manohar,

Is the number of grids or the number of rows in a grid affect report performance in HFR?

hemanth said...

Hai Manohar,
I want to know difference between Web Analysis,FR and IR.
All these can be downloaded free..

Roman said...

Hi Manohar,

is there any posibility in FR to have an autoincremental column?
I want to do a report with every second line in grey color so I thin I should make an conditional formatting or maybe there is another way to do so?
Could you advice something?


bcondemi said...

i'm new in essbase and i'm using financial reportin studio to build reports.

Just a simple (but not for me) question.

In essbase i have sales misure and time dimension with year month and day.

In financial reporting studio i need to build a report that shows the seles for the current day. What's the way to do this?

Ram said...

Hi Manohar,

This is awesome about HFR. What is key difference between HFR, HIR and webanalytics.

What drives HFR and WA. Is it possible to set top down and bottom up in HFR. if so how?
your help is appreciated. pl throw some light.


Akhanji said...

I would just like to know where can I get training for Hyperion. Is there any institute that provides certification ?